August 2013 Club Dinner

The August dinner was held at the Backbencher pub in Molesworth Street. The Backbencher has had a run of bad luck with two consecutive fires having done much damage and closed the pub for an extended period. They are back in business again bigger and better than before. On Wednesday 28th 20 club members fought their way through the crowd in the ground floor bar watching the last of the Backbencher political TV broadcasts – in this case the subject was Labour leadership!! Our room upstairs was lovely and quiet which led to much conversation, the main topic seemed to be cars for some reason. We welcomed several new members and two visitors, Richard and Irene, Richard being an MG owner back in the US. Our dining room was well serviced with a little bar next door and a superb menu with great food. Michael Shouse was even heard to say that his Jumbalia was the best he’d tasted outside of Louisiana! A great night and we’re looking forward to the next one!

September 2013 Club Dinner

The September club dinner was held at the Ayutthaya Thai Restaraunt, Jackson St Petone. A dozen or so hardy souls braved what was pretty miserable weather to enjoy a very convivial evening. The Ayutthaya is a BYO restaurant with some very excellent Thai cuisine at an equally modest cost. It was good to see Greg Beck in attendance (Greg and Denise have escaped to Christchurch unfortunately for us). Several members repaired to the Sprig and Fern pub, recently opened and just up the road. In all a great evening!

2013 MG Awards Dinner

Around 20 members gathered at the Bolton Hotel on Saturday 2nd November for the club’s annual trophy giving dinner. The food and service at the Bolton was at its usual very high standard and, while the crowd was small it did make for a very intimate and convivial evening.

The highlight of the presentation of a large number of cups and trophies had to be the somewhat sheepish look on Peter Edmond’s face when awarded the ‘Crowd Pleaser’ trophy for barreling around Manfeild, blissfully unaware that his Volvo was quite fiercely on fire – even - waving back to the spectators who were trying to warn him that he had a small problem.

After the trophies there was a spontaneous reminiscing by Ray Hartley – aided and abetted by George Walter – around Ray’s time as Sybil Lupp’s last apprentice. By all accounts Ray was the apprentice from Hell and spent much of his apprenticeship being sent home for his pranks which appear to have been centred around tormenting Sybil’s chihuahua.

In all a really great evening!!

November 2013 Club Dinner

Around 20 Members attended the November dinner – the last for 2013 -= held at the Southern Cross in Abel Smith Street. The Cross put on a delicious three course meal at a very reasonable cost. Although the pub was busy we had a couple of tables against the far wall and received excellent service from the staff. We were pleased to welcome new members John & Jenny Jackson and Ron Blackwell. Excitement for the evening was provided by Graeme Bunker whose MGF blew a gasket a block from the pub. A quick call to Ray Hartley had Ray very obligingly come straight in to pick up the F and Graeme was able to relax for the evening. In all a very convivial evening to wind up the year.

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