There are a number of companies which offer special insurance for classic cars.  It is our intention, over time, to provide you with information and links to all of these.  If you have experience with any we have not featured, please let us know.

AA PLUS Subscription

Any member contemplating the longer distance MG trips (particularly the National Rally to Dunedin next April) should consider the above extension to your AA Sub, hopefully most of you already have this additional cover. Even if you are within the 100 km limit for accommodation and rental car hire, the cost of transporting your car from one side of Auckland to the other will pay for your subscription.

It has three main features (subject to the fine print)

1. Recover your vehicle to your home address or to any other specified address (the standard cover is only to the nearest place of repair)
2. Provision of a rental vehicle to continue your journey or return home (three day limit), if you are more than 100 km away from home
3. Emergency accommodation (three nights max) should you wish to remain with your vehicle whilst it is repaired, if you are more than 100 km away from home

Cost of this extra cover:

Main member $49, Associate Member $24.50.

If you are unsure if you already have this extra cover check your Renewal notice OR your yellow membership card may show in the top right hand corner AA Plus. The newer cards show this but the older ones don’t.

We are not aware if other Assist Organisations have this extra cover. If anyone knows of other insurance companies with similar cover please advise me at and we will include it here.

Go to the AA website to read the full details and conditions of this cover.

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