Restoring Your MG

Because of the large number of MG models and the various methods of restoration, both by the amateur and professional restorers it has been impossible to create a single source of information on the subject.  What we have done, however is to pull together a range of Web sites and other sources together with a few words indicating the range and quality of material on the sites.  Obviously the Club cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information therein nor do we recommend any site or process over another.

If you find a good restoration site we haven't featured we'd be grateful if you would email the URL to our Webmaster.


Restore Job

My MG's Garage

You can find this site by clicking here.  The owner of the site has three MGs a TD and two MGB Roadsters - as well as a Mini Cooper.  The format of the site comprises some general technical data at the beginning, including a comment on the ease with which MGs in general lend themselves to restoration.  The actual restoration stuff isn't particularly comprehensive but what there is has been well done with pictures (enlargeable) and text for each stage of the job.  Definitely worth a look!

1977 MGB Restoration Project

This site is written in the form of a notebook blog.  The project is on an MGB Roadster, rubber bumper model. Lots of pictures but not too much words.  Pretty much all of the work has been done by various professional restorers but it's an interesting site from the point of view of the process.  You will find the site here.

MGB Restoration Workshop Notes

This is an extremely useful site, very comprehensive but unlike many of the other sites comprises much more text than photographs.  From that point of view it is probably more effective. The site is divided into five main sections: Find a Project Car; Getting Started; MGB Roadster and MGBGT Specifications; Bodywork Restoration; Mechanical Enhancements and Restoration; There is also a very handy Lubrication Chart.  If you are restoring an MGB this site is a must!


There are a number of YouTube videos you can pull up on MG Restoration.  They generally aren't all that long and therefore tend to go in 'jumps' of restoration stages leaving out a lot of detail.  Nonetheless they can be useful if you pick out one on the particular restoration stage you are at.  Some of the approaches taken go somewhat against the grain (welding a new plate over a rusted one) so you'll need to be careful!

An interesting one to start with would be Restoring My Daughter's MG.  This guy has bought a rather sad looking MG for his 16 year old daughter.  It's her job to do all the work!

Dave Braun's 1970 MGB Restoration Site

This is probably one of the most thorough sites you'll find and we're endebted to Robin Hicks for finding it for us.  The site contains what must be many hundreds of high quality photographs of every stage of the MGB restoration.  The pic sets depict each stage in great dcetail abd are very logically arranged.  Definitely worth a browse, you will find it HERE

Hammer and Spanner

Another great site recommended by Robin Hicks.  The Hammer and Spanner site has extremely detailed instructioins for doing almost anything you could imagine on repairing and restoring an MGB.  I loved their comment at the start "An MG is never 'finished', if there is nothing for you to currently work on it is merely 'resting"

I suspect that once you have had a browse through this site and have seen how clearly explained everything is,it will become your maintenance and restoration 'Bible'

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