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The McLaren Movie is now available on DVD. You can find the poster HERE

Haynes manuals available online for free via Wellington City Libraries

As you may know, Wellington Central Library is closed for some considerable time. The library has always had the Haynes Car Manuals available for anyone to view within the library, but they were also available to be loaned by Wellington City Library cardholders. T

The Library has now subscribed to the online version of the Manuals. To access this resource, you need to have a Wellington City Libraries card. It is very easy to join -

The Haynes resource makes available over 600 online manuals, covering car and motorcycle maintenance and repairs. This resource includes quick links to most popular DIY procedures, videos of common DIY jobs, a detailed troubleshooting section and much more. It has easy search functionality and colour wiring diagrams.

Safety Guide for Young Drivers

The guide is called "The Complete Resource For Young & First Time Drivers In The UK" and offers plenty of valuable information such as:
Important facts and figures regarding young drivers in the UK
A brief overview as well as tips and advice to help young people pass the UK theory and practical driving tests
Information to help improve driving skills such as dealing with tiredness, road rage, driving at night, or driving in poor weather conditions
Other useful advice about car maintenance tips, road tax, and insurance that every young driver must know. While this is very UK oriented and some of the information re passing the drivers tests, there is certainly some very good stuff there.

Distracted Driving:  A Safety Guide For Young Drivers 

This guide COVERS

  1. Why young drivers are at higher risk of road accidents

  2. Distractions on the road - and how to avoid them

  3. Distracted driving penalties

  4. Advice for young drivers and guidance for their parents

Introducing Kids to Motorsport

This is a US site but has some good advice for introducing kids to the sport.  A useful resource.

Chick Doig Classic Sports Cars

Welcome to Chic Doig Classic Sportscars. Our team of craftsmen have over 100 years experience together working on a variety of specialist projects across the UK and Europe.
From our workshop in the Cardenden, Fife, we offer a full range of restoration services including tuning and performance enhancement, accident repairs and transportation.
We are also the biggest stockists of both new and -owned spares and parts in the North and are regarded as one of the leading Triumph spares and repair facilities in Europe.
We look forward to hearing from you


Autolist have a fairly comprehensive site which looks at car values. It seems to be a USA site but they have some interesting stuff there.

GPS Laptimer

This site provides apps to allow you to use your smartphone to time your laps and other racing information


All you need to start racing!

· Time and data record your laps out of the box

· Support for dozens of external GPS and OBD sensors

· State of the art predictive lap timing

· Repository of more than 1000 tracks world wide

Upgradeable to Petrolhead and Grand Prix editions

Mesothelioma Centre

Auto Mechanics are at risk of developing mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused from asbestos exposure that can take 20-50 years to develop. Asbestos was commonly used in the production of older car parts, including including brakes, clutches and heat seals.

The website features extensive information on asbestos and we work 1-on-1 with individuals to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups all at no cost.

The Surgery, MG Restoration and regular Sponsor of the MG Classic Race meeting

EECA Energywise Some good stuff here on energy savings fior your vehicle. The Tyre Pressure Tool is particularly useful

MG Car Club NY- The New York, USA site with a whole lot of good links and infomation.

MGA Guru - For MGA owners this web site is dedicated to the proposition of having obscene amounts of fun with your Little British Car. Fortunately this does not have to include spending obscene amounts of money. The less time and money you spend on tinkering, the more you have left for driving, so the philosophy is heavily loaded toward maintaining your own car. There's even a short section on Grapes of Wrath repairs for the very frugal and that rare case of emergency.

MG The Classic Marque - This UK site is one of the best for all MG enthusiasts. Huge site with links and resources for everything MG !!

NZ Classic Site -, surf on in and take a look around.

The Cambridge MG Owners Club - The Cambridge and Districts MG Owners Club in the UK is one of the longest running Internet sites dedicated to MG`s and the culture that surrounds them.

MG Owners' Club World Wide Web Site- World's largest single marque car club. Formed in 1973 it provides a full range of benefits for the MG enthusiast. The Owners Club Facebook page

The Scions of Lucas MG Web- This site is part of the Scions of Lucas British cars web, the place to find out about e-mail lists, clubs, parts sources, tech information,events, or just other people who share your interest.

The Greasy Thumbprint - A humorous look at the personal accounts of MGB ownership, stories and adventures, plus MG related links.

MotorSport New Zealand Home Page - For the latest on NZ motorsport - forms download etc..

The Yahoo MG List - The Supreme search engines MG link list updated regularly with the latest links from around the world.

British Automotive - British Automotive in California. Specialising in repair and performance work for MGB, MGA.
Lots of technical papers. Also parts.

Breaker Link. BreakerLink is a free to use car part location service They offer a free SMS quotation service which sets them apart from their competitors and offer customers what is fast becoming the best value service of any cloud based parts supplier.

Midget and Sprite Club. Lots of interesting Midget and Sprite stuff.

Suppliers List - This is a (monster) list of suppliers that includes comments from happy, or otherwise, customers. Mostly US based, but quite a few UK suppliers as well.

Hemmings Motor News - Hemmings Motor News. The web site representing the well known US magazine.

University Motors - This is site is for a well known American MG service and restoration company. The owner, Jon Twist, is well known as an expert on things MG. There is a lot of great technical information available here.

Moss Motors - Moss Motors. Parts and accessories - very comprehensive site. You can even download the parts catalogues.
Looks like a good place to spend a lot of money but they do have some great features on classic car owners.

Click HERE for a great story about Ken and Barvbie Smith, two of tthe best known MGers in the US.

Moss International - Moss and M&G. This site is the home page for these well known parts distributors.

Unipart Parts Direct - Click here to buy MG car parts online from Unipart.

MGF Cup Racing - Site covering the MGF Cup Racing Series in the U.K.

Morgan Sports Car Club - New Zealand - Click to visit our Morgan cousins.

Virtual Museum hosted in Dundedin - New Zealand - Click to 'visit' the enthusiasts.

MG Tour package - Offering a special tourist package for MG club members, including , 24hr assistance, Road Book and an MGA rental.

MGA register in Holland - The MGA Register Holland has a new website.

Collectors Car World - A comprehensive site with latest news, cars for sale etc.

Kiwi Motoring Web Site - is free to join, and it's free to view and list events, clubs and venues of all kinds, such as circuit racing, drag racing, drifting, hillclimbs, karting, motorbikes, rallying, shows, speedway, swap meets and more! You can browse and search events based on location, time and event type to find useful and reliable information that is relevant and interesting.

MG Car Club of New Zealand Inc. This is the parent site for NZ clubs

Motorweb Lots of good information about such things as WoF requirements when selling a car etc.

Vintage Tyres This is a UK company which make hard to find tyres. Worth a look if you are having problems with locating the right tyre for your MG

Classic Car Social Media Guide These guys decided to dig in and do their homework and find out where the nuggets of gold are on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest so you wouldn't have to. If you're an enthusiast, or if you're looking for parts, shows or other classic car news, this guide should help you find what you need to know!

If you are into classic Lincoln Cars you could take a look at this site. Very comprehensive.

Stainless Automotive Fastenings Ltd.

Stainless Automotive Fastenings have an extensive range of Stainless Fasteners for classic vehicle restorers. They now offer some fasteners that are virtually impossible to source elsewhere, a range of 3ba Screws and Nuts, Metric Fine and Extra Fine Pitch fasteners, Socket/Allen Cap Head Screws with a reduced head diameter, left hand threads in Hexagon Head and Socket/Allen. These are just a few examples of the more diverse parts they can provide or can get produced. Visit the website to see what they can actually supply. Over 8000 different Fastener lines.

International Classic Car Informer

International Classic Car Informer (ICCI) was started by semi professional classic car restorer and racer Tim Llewellyn in the UK. It is intended to become the best source of supplier business contacts for both professionals and amateurs alike in the classic car world.

Like many, he found that while comfortable locating the parts and services he used regularly, he found he wasted endless time chasing down more obscure items on the internet, or finding good local suppliers to replace ones that were gone. Whilst the regular search engines are excellent at many searches they can be ineffective and inefficient when trying to locate items whose names are used in other contexts, or for more obscure items. In particular if the items related to a car which was made and predominantly used in another country. Too many simple searches were ending up with countless irrelevant results, or were in a language he could not understand.

After talking to many contacts in the trade, it was felt there was need for a good global online database with a search facility that is intuitive and that will give more accurate results than the other databases on the internet. Special Interest Database Company (SIDC) was thus formed to develop a series of global databases for special interest groups such as those with interests in classic cars. ICCI will never be perfect as a search facility, but SIDC intend it to be the best there is, and every user's search results will relate to classic cars.

It was felt there was a need to design this database with an old car enthusiast's mentality rather than simply being built by a computer programmer. Thus SIDC brought in fellow car enthusiast and computer expert Gus Gingell to help build the team working with SIDC to develop and run this database.

SIDC pride themselves in trying to make this not only the best, but most useful and comprehensive classic car database on the internet for both amateur and professional users to find the product or service they seek. It should also be the most cost effective forum for classic car businesses to promote what they do.

Plan De Graissange/Lubrication Charts

This website contains old documents about our Oldtimers vehicules (cars, planes, motorcycles, boats, tractors, etc.). You are searching for informations to do your car maintenance ? You are in the right spot. You will find here plans, fact sheets and lubrication patterns (or "Lubrication charts"), technical sheets, information for tuning your engine and many other document types.

Guide to Tiredness at the Wheel


  • The most common causes of driving fatigue

  • The impacts on brain function and ability to drive when tired

  • Advice for staying awake while driving

  • The legal implications of falling asleep while tired

Our research found that:

  • Tiredness is one of the biggest killers in driving accidents. In 2019, 1,738 people lost their lives on UK roads – 300 of those deaths were as a result of someone falling asleep while driving.

  • Young drivers are arguably the most at risk, with 29% stating they have started a journey when already feeling tired.

  • To combat this, awareness of the effects of driving while tired needs to be increased. Driving after 24 hours awake has the same impact on the brain as someone with a blood alcohol content of 0.1%, above the 0.08% legal limit in the UK.

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