Classic Race Committee

The Wellington MG Car Club Centre is organised into two main parts. There is the 'Club' which organises social events, competitions such as Motorkhana, Trials etc and 'Runs' to various parts of the lower North Island. The other part of the Club is the Classic Race Committee. The CRC runs as a separate organisation although still part of the Wellington Club and has its own committee who are involved in running the various racing-oriented events during the year. The committee has been in existence since 1985 and runs the largest and longest-running classic race meeting in New Zealand.

Events run by the committee include:

  • The MG Classic Race Meeting - run each November
  • The Surgery Sprints Series - The CRC run one of five of these classic race meetings and assist with the other four
  • Driver Training Days - Two of these are run each year

More details about Classic Racing can be found here

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