MG Models

Over the years there have been many models released in the marque.  They tend to fall roughly into four groups

  1. MGAPre-56 which includes all MGs made prior to 1956.  You don't see a lot of these driving around the streets, rather they are kept warm and dry in their owner's garage and only come out on special occasions.  You will find more information on the vast range of early models on our History pages.


  1. MGBGT
  2. 'B'-series.  These are the cars you most often see around.  The hardtop MGBGT are often used as everyday transport as opposed to the soft-top roadsters which are mostly 'fine weather' cars.
  3. The 'New' Fs.  These models are the successor to the B and have aMGTF modern styling.  For many years they were the most popular of the British sports cars.
  4. The 3/6 series.  This is the latest generation of the 'reborn' MG.  Up-to-date modern styling and superb engineering are making a name for these cars especially on the racing circuit!




5.  The MG CS SUV concept may have headlined at teh Shanghai Auto Show last week but this week we can share the cars specification with MG’s legions of fans. The first SUV to come from MG is to be powered by a 2.0T engine capable of producing 150kW of power and having 280Nm of torque on tap, taking it from zero to 100km/h in just 7.8 seconds, top speed…


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