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12 December 2015

36th Annual Lake Ferry Excursion

Dear Classic Car Club member/car enthusiast

2015 marks the 36th anniversary of the annual Lake Ferry Excursion, organised by the Sunbeam Car Club of NZ (Wellington).

To make sure everyone has this date down early to save conflicts with other events, the Lake Ferry Excursion is always the 2nd Saturday in December. This year that makes it the 12th of December.

As always, we meet at the Fell Museum at 11am for an 11.30 departure from Featherston to Lake Ferry, where we meet to talk over lunch – or some wander across to the Lake Ferry Hotel for a pub meal. Please note that we meet at the big oak tree outside the Fell Museum at 11.20 for a driver’s briefing.

Last year, there was a mistake and the hotel could not do any pub lunches. Lake Ferry Hotel has confirmed to us that they definitely will be able to do lunches this year. We apologise to those who missed out on a lunch last year.

If you are not the right person in your car club to receive this email, can you please forward it on to the correct person. Also, please feel free to send this on to anyone in other car clubs you think might be interested. We welcome all car club along on the day. We also welcome people who don’t belong to a car club. The day is about driving classic cars and meeting and talking to other enthusiasts – it isn’t about belonging to a car club.

In the past we have had English, American, Italian and French cars. We have had the Constructors Car Club, Corvette Club, Capri Club, Mustang Club and Early American Clubs as well as other smaller clubs attend. We are also inviting and welcome all car clubs from the Manawatu and Wairarapa.

I realise this email is very early but as mentioned, we just want to get it in other club’s calendars.

Kind regards

Bryan Atkins, convener

Phone/fax (04) 562 7424 or e-mail

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